Soveify : : Zeta Tukana : : 2019

Zeta Tukana Performance select1 from galinashevchenko on Vimeo.

Zeta Tukana Performance select 2 from galinashevchenko on Vimeo.

Soviefy : : Zeta Tukana : : May 24, 2019 : : Chicago Art Department

Zeta Tukana – is a nearby star, which may have been a life-bearing planet in its planetary system. If such a planet existed, soviet ideologues believed it would eventually be reached and colonized by humanity, living in the era of Communism. Current performance is a conceptual rendering of this fantasy through Omni-media salvaging of Soviet songs about human victories over space & nature. Soviefy is a verb/noun neologism for the audio-visual performance activity practiced by Daniil Cherkasskiy and Galina Shevchenko, that simulates nostalgia for non-existent yet vaguely recognizable, Soviet-rooted aesthetics through radical collaborative improvisation. We sing & animate sequences of forgotten soviet songs, too obscure or ideological to be remembered in the present day in a manner that fuses contemporary multi-media performative modes with meticulously honed elements and techniques specific to the Soviet school of state-sponsored art production. We indulge in, re-contextualize, experiment with & question utopias.
: : Multimedia Performance collaboration with Daniil Cherkasskiy (Dania C4e) : : Site Specific Multimedia Installation : : Suspended laser-cut acrylic sculptural environment, reflective mylar & trampoline : : Guitar/percussion by Sasha Zvodinsky (Suvik) : : Sergei Galski on the keys : : Noises, textures, audio background by Mike Brankis : :