Body Vessels @ IMSS : : 2019

Body Vessels : : March 2019 : : International Museum of Surgical Science

Body Vessels : : Steel & Video : : - a site specific installation - intervention that took place at the International Museum of Surgical Science on 3.30.19 for the Woman's month Celebration event Arte De La Femme organized by Barestrokes and curated by Ciera Mckissick of AMFM magazine. The International Museum of Surgical science deeply inspires me as a liminal space, as a symbolic mirror that generates multiple reflections, channeling the time into perpetual continuum. Objects in the museum are perceived beyond their context of scientific relevance, they are becoming artifacts carrying symbolic weight, signifying attempts of men to overthrow the power of the creator. The museum plumbs the depth of the history of surgery, which could be understood as the history of the impossibility, the impossible cross breading. In a sense the museum for me becomes an embodiment of the “grotesque”. My installation attempted to bring the liminal onto the surface, while celebrating the womanhood.