Simians Proliferating : : 2019

Bodies Material & Digital; Substances and Containers by Galina Shevchenko from galinashevchenko on Vimeo.

Simians Proliferating : : Bodies Material & Digital. Substances and Containers : : February 2019 @ Chicago Art Department CAD East

Installation documentation of Galina Shevchenko's contribution to the the exhibition at Chicago Art Department that took place in February 8-22 2019. Bodies: Material & Digital; Substances & Containers intersect the work of four artists (Jonathan Korotko, Clareese Hill, Pia Cruzalegui and Galina Shevchenko) that explore the issues of the fluidity of the body, its perception, and representation within the realms of gender, identity, and digital materiality. The show is curated by Galina Shevchenko. Artists worked collaboratively towards creating a perceptual totality of the body in space and its material/digital iterations. For this exhibition I mused with dilemmas of elusive potentiality of digital proliferation and mothering intensity/intensity of mothering. Simians Proliferating - multiples digital embroidery on polyester - 2019 Simians Proliferating - multiples Single channel animation & video ~15min - 2019. Embroidery, Video Installation by Galina Shevchenko Audio: Live Cello Performance by Lilliana Zofia Wosko on February 22, 2019. Complete exhibition photo documentation could be found here .