I Mediate. We Mediate : : 2019

I Mediate We Mediate : : Interruptions : : Mother Art Re-visited collective exhibit : : July 30-August 4 2019 : : Hairpin Art Center, Chicago

I Mediate We Mediate is a site specific installation featuring 21 pieces of machine embroidery. The compositions are based on the drawings by me and by my two sons, 7 year old Daniel Blake Shevchenko-Kuznetsov and 4 year old Roman Ray Shevchenko-Kuznetsov. Mothering is an obsession. As an artist, a woman, a mother I consistently re-enact the moment of birth, of delivery, cradling a new life, a new ontology. I indulge into unresolved multiplicity and proliferation, producing clusters of bodies: semi-androgynous, excessively feminine and ambiguously cute, that take on their new life continuum through mediation: drawing, digital fabrication, animation, embroidery. Musing with the idea of Interruptions I realized that motherhood and art practice are equally pervasive, all-encompassing and disruptive, physically, psychologically, socially. They emerge as Interruptions ... until they are accepted, recognized and treasured as a mode of existence.
My children have played an integral role in my practice as a constant source of inspiration and wonder. They have always been participating in my creative process, starting with their undeniable presence. I Mediate We Mediate Embroidered Cluster is our first collaborative work.
This project has been conceived and created specifically for the Interruptions exhibit, by Mother Art Re-visited Collective, that I am a member of, working alongside a fabulous group of my fellow Mother Artists , to represent and support Mothers’ Voices through Art.