Light Matters : : April 13-24 2018 : : Chicago Art Department CAD East

4 channel video projection : : 14 digitally embroidered Tricksters : : 9 Steel Interlocking Monsters : : video projection mapping on laser-cut acrylic(digital tapestry): :
Light Matters features three artists: Galina Shevchenko. Valerie Xanos & Margarita Fainshtein. Fainshtein, Shevchenko & Xanos work with light projection installation focusing on personal narratives of body, memory and perceptual shifts light as media. The artists explore light as mediated through a spectrum of materials, including printmaking, animation, and digital processing. For the Light Matters exhibition Fainshtein, Shevchenko, and Xanos would use various iterations of projected and reflected light to investigate synthetic relationships within their constructed image/space immersions.Each site specific interactive installation would create an immersive environment for the viewer to experience within a particularly composed architectural space.