Becoming a Cyborg : : 2018

Becoming a Cyborg : : 2018 : : Vital Signs : : Zhou B Art Center

Becoming a Cyborg explores the notion of possibility of procreation in the dystopian future. What if we lose our ability to procreate naturally, would we be able to come up with the viable digital substitution? What our offspring look like? What will they inherit? I am luxuriating in the process of digital procreation, nurturing my digitally produced trickster offspring, cradling it in the waterfall blanket of reflective mylar, traditionally used to enhance the sunlight in a green house. Despite protruding wounds and distortions my digital progeny firmly floats on Her high heels, emanating the powerful feminine spirit, and profound gaze despite Her deceiving fragility.

Vital Signs is a Time-based Media Art Exhibition, that took place alongside the Twisted Oyster Film Festival, at Zhou B Art Center in Chicago from July 20th to August 5th 2018. The Festival and the exhibition have been organized and curated by Pia Cruzalegui, featuring installation works, web, virtual and augmented reality art and experimental photography that open a dialogue on the planet's fragility, the human footprint and its impact.