Embracing the Grotesque : : 2018

Embracing The Grotesque by Galina Shevchenko from galinashevchenko on Vimeo.

Embracing the Grotesque : : July 13-30 2018 : : Sullivan Galleries Chicago : : SAIC Low Res MFA Thesis Exhibition

Embracing the Grotesque : : by Galina Shevchenko : : Site Specific Multimedia Installation : : 5 channel video projection : : 2 devore velvet panels : : suspended laser-cut acrylic sculptural environment : : Stereo Audio Embracing the Grotesque is an art historical and critical journey culminating with audiovisual plunge into the multimedia grotto. This project plumbs the depths of the aesthetic and conceptual aspects of the “Grotesque”: a sacred place of intersection between visual culture and the depths of the subconscious. I am embracing the Grotesque as embodiment of my existence: creation and procreation. the Renaissance wonder and vitality along with the Feminist corporeal sensibility. I Consistently re-enact the world being born: the moment of birth, of delivery. Emulating the biological: morphology, deformity. Through wonders of technology and mediation. Joy of delivery. Empowerment of a Cyborg.