OPEN YOUR BODY/tame your beasts : : 2017

Open Your Body Tame Your Beasts by Galina Shevchenko from galinashevchenko on Vimeo.

Open Your Body Tame Your Beasts : : November 10-17 2017 : :Chicago Art Department

Open Your Body Tame Your Beasts : : Work in progress report : : 3 channel video projection, 12 digitally embroidered Tricksters, 13 stainless steel interlocking Monsters, video projection mapping on laser-cut acrylic(digital tapestry), 3 panels of heat press transferred monster pattern on brocade. Audio: Galina Shevchenko Theremin performance and digital processing.
This installation was one of my multiple iterations of a multidimensional grotesque cave, that included multimedia integration of video projection, material objects, and projection mapping. I was inspired by the mythological image of Diana, descending into the Grotto, opening her breasts and unleashing the beasts.