Shared Escape : : 2020

Shared Escape : : May 29th 2020 : : Occupying the In-Between, virtual conference : : the Internet
September - October 2020 : : Chicago Art Department

Shared Escape is a live video mix/ performance lecture, presented on May 29th at the , Occupying the In-Between, virtual conference that explores how to create collaborative generative spaces of care through activating non-conventional research methodologies and dissemination practices. This event is part of the Transmission series organized by the Mountain of Art Research (MARS) located at Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, and is generously funded by the CHASE research consortium.

The physical installation version of the project has been shown at the "Long Time No See" exhibition at Chicago Art Department, curated by Amanda Cervantes and Violet Luczak, in October-November 2020.

Video Performance. Animation. Embroidery. by Galina Shevchenko © 2020
audio by ValEra: "Precious Stone", 2014; released on MOSHItaka ValEra >Valume 2014.