Cyborgs : Dolls : Galvanized : : 2020

Cyborgs . Dolls. Galvanized. Matrix Spill. : : February 7-28 2020 : : Chicago Art Department, Chicago

Cyborgs is an exhibition and performance series. It is both my creative exploration and curatorial project.

Current page features my exhibiting contribution to the project : Dolls. Galvanized. Matrix Spill.

Artificiality and mediation have become a norm of our perceptual experience. The natural cross-breads with the fabricated expanding the immersive experience. The fabricated matrix fired by electrical circuit becomes alive, transcends heat and movement, manifests & signifies.

Dolls. Galvanized. Matrix Spill is Inspired by Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto and Inventory of Space series by Alexander Rodchenko.

Dolls. Galvanized. Matrix Spill. muses with ideas of production, procreation & mediation. Insinuating: dreamy kinetics, spin into Yes, orchestrating motion, orchestrating music, orchestrating spill. Spin into the Spill.

20 laser- cut acrylic robots , interlocking acrylic platform, 2 channel infrared video on lcd screens, 3 embroidered panels on lace.