Simians. Monsters. Mothers : : Aqua Art Miami : : 2019

Simians. Mothers. Monsters by Galina Shevchenko @ Aqua Art Miami KA Projects booth from galinashevchenko on Vimeo.

Simians. Monsters. Mothers : : KA Projects Booth : : Aqua Art Miami : : December 4-8 2019 : : Aqua Hotel, Miami Beach

Video by Galina Shevchenko. Audio by Val Kuznetsov, ValUme of Chicago Voice Lab. As an artist, a woman, a mother I constantly re-enact a moment of birth, of delivery, cradling a new life, a new ontology. I indulge into unresolved multiplicity and proliferation, producing clusters of bodies: semi-androgynous, excessively feminine, ambiguously cute. My bodies take on their new life continuum through mediation: drawing, digital fabrication, animation. I am luxuriating in the process of digital procreation, nurturing my digitally produced trickster-off-springs. Simians. Monsters. Mothers.
This project has been conceived and created specifically for Aqua Art Miami 2019, Kinetic Art Projects booth, KA Projects , curated by Pia Cruzalegui.