Longing for Transcendence II : : 2016

Longing for Transcendence I : : November 11-26 2016 : : Chicago Art Department CAD West

"Longing for Transcendence" A visual survey through imaginary Poetry : : Video projection : : Heat press paintings / patterns on fabric : : lasercut ornamental arrangements on the wall :: My Monsters - inhabit the liminal world of primordial desire. Mothers in production, beautiful others, queer and playful embryos; primordially ancient and omnipotent cyborgs. They contaminate each other with longings and diseases. Their bodies are altered, transforming, rebellious and excessive. I am interested in creating iconographic taxonomies that transcend the human condition of “new normal” into the visually exquisite grotesque constructions. Nothing is abnormal: extruded lesions, dangerous flowers of cancerous in-growings, mothered, aged, diseased bodies, they are all bodies loving and loved. My world is the utopian, seductive and irresistible.